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The Writers' Room is an online course teaching persona and conversation design in the context of Soul Machines Digital People. If accepted, you will gain access to our online learning portal where you will learn conversational AI best practices at your own pace. This course includes 10+ hours of learning via video modules and assignments, with a final project culminating at the end. We encourage folks of all backgrounds to apply — but especially those with interactive design, engineering, technical copywriting, or screenwriting industry experience.

Course Reviews

Rob Nail

Associate Founder and Former CEO of Singularity University

“It is clear that you think about conversation design deeply, so I’m excited to learn more. I appreciate the attention to detail here as I can see how it will be critical for real projects and interactions.”

Kristina Csanaky

Voice UX and Conversation Designer

“I've really enjoyed the course, the study materials are top-notch and I appreciate the detailed feedback on the assignments. The sessions and the homework were super-helpful and I had a lot of fun working on them. Thank you for all your efforts in designing this course and offering it to us.”

Aglaia Ruffino Jalles

Linguistics Student

“I wanted to thank you and all the teachers in the course. It was exceptional: great and well organized classes, resourceful material, suitable assignments. I learned a lot and it opened my eyes to a whole new concept of interaction and perceiving conversations.”

Matthew Hart

Creative Director

"This is a crash course in the nuts and bolts of conversation design, how it works, and what makes it successful. Relying on the Digital Person’s personality when handling unexpected responses from a user is a revelation.”