Head of Conversation and Persona Design

Kirrily Denny

Kirrily Denny is Head of Conversation and Persona Design at Soul Machines, approaching technology from a creative perspective with a passion for the craft of conversation writing. With 25 years of directing, editing and writing for film and television around the world, Kirrily brings a wealth of creative experience to her role. She loves rambling along empty beaches and come nightfall, watching a good movie with a single malt whisky in hand!

Conversation Designer

Keegan Swenson

Keegan is an experienced conversation designer at Soul Machines. Before that, he was a product writer for Adobe. He’s interested in humanizing technology through language and design methodologies. He grew up in the Midwest and has been known to overindulge on iced coffee.

Conversation Designer

Marcello Picone

Marcello Picone is a creative director and writer who specializes in weaving innovative storytelling concepts that enlighten and inform. Among his various writing tasks in television, he has granted Muppets the Wubbulous gift of Seussian rhyme, given puppies a larger purpose in life, and offered countless reasons why cars crash through convenience stores.